Financial Advisory

Besfin helps its clients identify and implement strategic, operational and financial objectives and provides them with detailed budgeting and pro-forma financial statements to achieve a rising rating and a strong balance sheet.

Besfin's main principle is to provide high quality financial consulting services to its corporate clients. It helps its clients determine and implement their strategic, operational and financial objectives to meet their strategic goals, ideal financing terms of the investments, financial flexibility and power, and readiness for the changes that may occur in the economy. Besfin leads its clients in the efficient use of detailed budget and proforma financial statements and company resources. We provide services to many companies operating in different sectors on the following issues.

Financial Due Diligence:

  • Assessment of financial situation, analysis of financial debts and determination of development area
  • Determination of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and creating corporate strategy
  • Market, trend and peer analysis, current situation and outlook of company’s future
  • Preparation of growth plans with alternative scenarios
  • Determination of potential problems or opportunities by conducting financial and operational analysis of companies

Financial Management, Planning and Loans

  • Revaluation, working capital management, asset sales, etc. methods to increase the debt service capacity
  • Capital increase, reduction of financial expenses and improvement of debt ratios
  • Preparation of short and long-term business plan
  • Preparation of budget, pro-forma cash flow, balance sheet and income statement and determination of key financial ratios
  • Managing bank relationships, determination of credit limit, risk and other credit performance indicators
  • Managing the foreign exchange risk and setting the targets​  

Financial Restructuring:

  • Determining targets such as preparing cash flow, planning short-term payments, reducing costs and establishing long-term bank relationships for company continuity
  • Analysis of alternative solutions for the determination of financial and operational actions-methods, creation of model and business plan, asset evaluation, resource exploration and productivity analysis and solution of financial problems
  • Analysis and planning of financial debts according to new business plan, negotiation of financial debts with banks and other financial institutions, implementation of cost, product, market and competition strategies within the scope of new business plan
  • Finalizing negotiations on financial debts, organizing bank credit limits, monitoring operational and strategic changes/developments according to new business plan