M&A Advisory

Besfin provides M&A advisory services on buy/sell-side transactions, valuation projects and corporate finance topics.

Besfin's mission is to provide quality financial services to its corporate clients. We provide services in the areas of process preparation, management and post-transaction integration with our business partners through customer-oriented and scientific approaches in the field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). While our dynamic and experienced team is responding to our customers' questions and requests, we support corporate finance and long-term planning issues with our strategic advice.

Besfin provides advisory services on M&A activities as a buyer or seller side advisor on behalf of our clients and, potential investor / partner finding, process, due diligence, financial issues, company valuation, buy / sell tactics and strategies.

Our process advisory services focus on strategic compliance assessment, target company / potential buyer analysis, corporate communication execution, appraisal, bid evaluation, negotiation, merger or acquisition, and post-process integration.

Our corporate valuation service makes objective valuations by combining accepted valuation techniques and experience of our expert team with different methodologies in finance theory.

M&A corporate finance advisory provides services on answering companies' questions on resource creation / discovery, evaluating and recommending inorganic growth strategies, evaluating company value and evaluating M&A options in long-term planning.