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Besfin helps its clients identify and implement strategic, operational and financial objectives and provides them with detailed budgeting and pro-forma financial statements to achieve a rising rating and a strong balance sheet.

Financial Situation Evaluation

Financial Management, Modeling and Loans

Financial Structuring

Financial Check-Up

Early detection is important in financial health of companies as well as individuals. Company health is also giving signals before it deteriorates. The increase in debt, the decrease in sales, the deterioration of the key financial ratios, the decrease in profit margins, the prolongation of the cash turnover period are the leading figures of these signals.


The leading causes of this situation are; fast growth strategies with poorly planned funding resources, inadequate business plans, weaknesses in organization, lack of performance criteria, old-school financial reporting systems, and ignoring warning signals.


Besfin offers a wide range of services including analysis of business cycle, detailed analysis of financial debts, determination of development areas and key performance indicators and, forming strategies and vision, present and future analysis of the industry, competition analysis, current and target market analysis, preparation of growth plans with alternative scenarios and preparation of financial & operational analysis of companies and detection of potential problems or opportunities.

Financial Management, Planning and Debt

Besfin's main principle is to provide high quality financial consulting services to its corporate clients. It helps its clients determine and implement their strategic, operational and financial objectives to meet their strategic goals, right financing of the investments, financial flexibility and power, and readiness for the changes that may occur in the economy. Besfin leads its clients in the efficient use of detailed budget and pro-forma financial statements and company resources. We provide services to many companies operating in different sectors on the following issues.   


Financial Strengthening and Determination of Key Financial Ratios


Besfin supports its clients with the reduction of borrowing costs, increase of debt repayment capacity through sale of potential assets, bond, bond etc., borrowing with derivative products supports customers in restructuring their financial liabilities. It also assists clients in the areas of capital increase, financial costs reduction and improvement of debt obligations.


Short and Long Term Financial Planning


Besfin is involved in the preparation of its clients’ budgets in line with the targets determined in long-term business plans and strategic goals. Our team focus on income statement, cash flow and balance sheet preparation and, valuation analysis in the direction of prepared budget to help the client determine its short term and long term valuation.


We provide services in the assessment of the financial institutions that the client cooperates, formation of strategies for the institutions, determination of the performance of key credit rating indicators.

Financial Restructuring

  • Companies can have major financial problems for various reasons such as increased competition in today's business conditions and deteriorated cash flow due to increasing financial pressures in the economy.  These issues are critical to the protection of company performance and value by creating an early detection system and precautionary action plans. Being late in these actions increases the need for restructuring. Putting forward the potential areas to create value in companies that need restructuring and the creation of solutions are important in this respect.


  • The restructuring is divided into financial restructuring, operational restructuring and strategic restructuring. Financial restructuring is carried out in the steps of liquidity, financial liabilities, management policy and borrowing results, asset valuation, equity capital structure steps. Operational and strategic restructuring taken together, all operational costs, analysis of business processes, production and sales analysis of other organizations, market and product studies on the business model of the steps are carried out. The work and its results are shaped by the new work plan.


  • This service primarily analyzes the current situation of the company and creates company-specific restructuring strategies. First, in the financial structuring, a cash flow that will balance the firm is created and a stable period is envisaged. Depending on the results, the actions of payments and financial debts are determined and the strategies are clarified. The primary actions for operational costs are determined and implementations are planned. The potential funds are determined as a result of the assessment of company assets. The methods of meeting the funding needs arising from the financial projections that prepared according to the new business plan are evaluated. In order to meet the financing needs arising from the projected liabilities & shareholders’ equity structure, extension of the maturities with the existing and new creditors, the renewal of the loans, the reduction of the interest rate, the improvement of the conditions, the partial or total liquidation of the loans against the assets belonging to the debtor or third party, Potential and alternative sources of financing are analyzed. Depending on the financial and operational structure, related works are performed within a plan or, negotiations are supported and managed in order to make protocols with all the creditors according to the created business plan.

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