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Besfin is a Corporate Finance consulting firm focused on customer satisfaction, with the main principle of providing high quality consulting. Besfin offers professional consulting services to its customers operating in 20 different sectors in various fields and located mainly in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and so on.


Besfin has a valuable communication network with its broad customer portfolio and strong references. We aim that our clients should have strong financial structures suitable for competitive environment, and help them increase their company values, make strong partnerships and make new investments with the boutique work that we offer with our specialist and result oriented managers.


The decisions taken by the corporations have financial both direct and indirect consequences. Corporate Finance is based on maximizing the value of the company by minimizing the risks taken from all aspects.


Besfin, has the desire to grow our clients’ companies, create added value and help them have a strong financial structure in the direction of their goals by supporting in the field of Corporate Finance which is our expertise and one of the essential components of the today’s business world for the corporations.

You can find our company presentation here

Our Founder & CEO

Ferda Besli

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