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Project Finance

Since its foundation, Besfin has been a pioneer in the field of Project Finance Consultancy and has been providing consultancy services throughout the process, from providing clients with financing to start the investment analysis.


To date , we have provided consultancy services to more than 30 projects and investments worth more than 5.5 billion USD , with approximately 1.7 billion USD of financing at the most favorable terms, we have worked with investors and our success rate is 95%.


Our working principle is performance and value oriented. We always believe that a good investment and a comprehensive working file prepared for this investment can always provide funds.

Our Project and Investment Finance Consultancy service; It consists of three basic stages: detailed investment income and expense analysis and establishment of the financing structure, preparation and submission of the creditor and investor information document (information memorandum), and finally, the management of the loan process with the relevant institutions in order to provide the necessary financing of the investment.


  • While providing in-depth analysis of the investment with the analytical and dynamic financial models we have prepared, the financial profitability of the investment is tested primarily for investors with various scenarios within the model, sensitivity issues such as macroeconomic developments, cost increases, price changes, timeouts, and loan repayment capacity, risk and value of the investment. (valuation) is measured.


  • Preparation of the feasibility report (Information Memarandum) for investors and creditors who will fund the investment. A well-crafted  Information Memarandum  is the most important step in funding an investment.


  • High participation in financing is ensured by presenting our financial feasibility report or Information Memorandum to many domestic and foreign investors and creditor institutions. We are actively involved in loan, Term Sheet negotiations and making loan agreements. We are with you, starting with the investment decision, until the financing is provided and it starts to generate income.

We always want to help you

To learn more about our Project and Investment Finance Consultancy service, you can contact us via our team's e-mail addresses or phone numbers that you can find on our web contact page.

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